A little DIY with chalk paint

Hey Ya’ll! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much but this time of year is really hard on me. The dreary weather is almost more than I can take.

But I had a great weekend and did little DIY on Facebook marketplace find. I found this piece on Pinterest and used it for inspiration. I really like the way it turned out.

Here are a few tips if you are a first time DIYer:

  1. Your project may not look exactly like the one you used for inspiration – don’t be disappointed! You are unique and you aren’t trying to copy theirs exactly, just getting an idea of what you like.
  2. You can do it – but you have to start.
  3. If you feel the least bit insecure about your project, don’t ask anyone’s opinion! If you like it, then it is awesome. Any other opinions? Fagetabout em!

I’m not normally a DIY blogger, so this won’t be great, but here goes –

We picked up this little electric fireplace for $60.

By we, of course I mean I sent hubby to pick up…

Great find!

The switches were blown up and hubby fixed it for around $4.

I bought a $10 drop cloth from Wal Mart because I have used those plastic ones for years and I hate them. If you KNOW this is a one time thing to redo something, get plastic – but I warn you, once you do a project, it is a little addicting!

These are the colors that I bought (one I already had) to use. A little really does go a long way with chalk paint!

I used Waverly chalk paint, in Peacock, Mineral, Hazelnut, Cashew, and Lacquer. I also got a little thing of Waverly clear wax.

First, I wiped the whole piece down with a clean dry cloth.

You may have to do more than that depending on how dirty project is. Mine didn’t have any loose paint or structural problems to deal with so my prep work was very minimal.

Next, I slapped a little Peacock on it – heavier in some spots than in other and no paint at all in spots. When I finished that step, it looked like this.

There really was no rhyme or reason to how I applied this.

After about 2 hours drying time, I added a layer of Mineral.

Peacock and Mineral

After about 2 more hours of drying, I added Hazelnut. I did stir in a little just plain black acrylic paint because I didn’t think the Hazelnut was dark enough.

Multiple colors add depth and give it that cute shabby chic look!

I let that dry the rest of the night and then the next morning, I mixed my Lacquer with the wax. Now here, seriously, A LITTLE DAB WILL DO YOU.

I added the hot pink wax in areas I wanted to accent and add depth to.

My finished product! Total cost less than $90!

The hot pink is kind of subtle but really adds a depth to it. I am hoping to redecorate my room in a beach theme and I think the blues, greens and pinks will be perfect!

Are you a DIYer? Show me your favorite or most recent project! I’d love to see it!

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