The Difference 10 Minutes Can Make

11 Things You Can Do to Make Life Better

I believe that 10 minutes is the difference between good and great.

While 10 minutes is a small amount of time, in almost any area of life, it can be a game changer.

Here is a list of areas where 10 minutes make all the difference:

  1. Putting on makeup. If you normally don’t wear any, in 10 minutes, you can apply powder, mascara and lipstick. Trust me people will notice.
  2. House keeping. In ten minutes, you can make a bed (probably more than 1), unload a dishwasher, load a dishwasher, reboot your laundry or fold a load of clothes – maybe several of these if you move quickly.
  3. House cleaning. (Yes, I think there is a difference in house keeping and house cleaning.) You can wipe down your appliances, sweep a room, clean a toilet and/or maybe dust a room.
  4. Fixing your hair. This won’t apply to all of you but I usually wear a short pixie cut. I have 5 minute hair – really. New moms this is for you. I know your time is really limited, but trust me,  you will feel better if you at least brush it! Maybe consider a trip to the beauty shop where you can get yourself a 5 minute style!
  5. Meal planning. It really doesn’t have to take long, especially if you put some thought into a good “go to list” of meals you and your family like.
  6. Getting physically fit. Just committing to a brisk 10 minute walk every day will make a huge difference and is a great starting point for other activities that you can do for 10 minutes. (If you could do burpees for 10 minutes, you could probably survive the Hunger Games.)
  7. Reading. I don’t know that reading will make you smarter, but it will introduce you to new ideas and ways of thinking as well as improving vocabulary. It is also believed to help prevent Alzheimers.
  8. Planning in general. Just spending 10 minutes making a list of today’s priorities for work or home will make a huge difference in how smoothly your day will go.
  9. Encouraging someone. The law of attraction says we will get back what we put out there. Think about spending just 10 minutes dropping a note of encouragement to someone (or several someones) who need it.
  10. Growing spiritually – either through reading the Bible or prayer. I don’t believe in the power of a religious denomination tag, but I  do believe in the power of a relationship and spending 10 focused minutes a day with the Lord will build a relationship.
  11. Appreciating your spouse or significant other. Taking just 10 minutes to stop and really thank them and build them up will be huge to you and to them. You will have to really think about what you appreciate and they will appreciate the acknowledgement.


Hold on, that’s way more than 10 minutes…

I know if you did all of these every day, you would spend way more than 10 minutes, but why not pick a couple to do every day and then a couple to do once a week? What do you have to lose? It’s only 10 minutes!

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