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Cause the Dresser Won’t Fit

No since leaving it in storage…

It all started because my friend Karla refinished my friend Kristi’s china cabinet that belonged to her grandmother. It was beautiful and I remembered that I had a dresser in storage that belonged to Hubby’s mom that I could redo.

My closet needs a little (lot) of organizational help.

So, I did a little measuring and bam! This was a perfect solution. I just needed to take out part of a small built in shelving unit and a lower hanger bar and shelf that I wanted out anyway and I could get the dresser in there to store my “unmentionables” and “my could be mentioned, but there was really no points”.

I dug it out of storage, cleaned it and used chalk paint on the drawers. I stained the top a little darker and polyed the whole thing. I liked it!

Then, last night, my little dream of an organized tidy closet went south.

See, when I measured, I measured the area where my little dresser would actually be. I didn’t take in to account the angled in part of the wall that the dresser would have to pass through before it made it to its final resting place. You can only imagine my disappointment as I realized that I had pulled everything out of my closet and cut out a part of a built in storage unit (only to find that they had carpeted around it and not under it 😳) and the dresser wouldn’t go in. No matter how I tried, it wouldn’t fit. My husband was disgusted, my daughter laughed (a surprisingly welcome thing since she has strep throat and felt terrible) and I wanted to cry.

Begin meltdown and hissy fit.

I had a small fit and then began the task of reassembling my closet complete with sticking the unit back in (it will require some putty, caulk and paint to look close to normal again) and putting all my stuff back in there. As I gently replaced (slung with all my might) my clothes, it occurred to me how silly and ungrateful I was being.

Is this really a problem?

If the biggest problem I have is that I have a nice piece of extra furniture that won’t fit in my closet to store my over abundance of socks, undies and accessories in a manner that was to my liking, do I really have a problem? Am I not more blessed that most people in the world? I am.

Have you ever done the same thing?

Gone crazy over something that doesn’t really matter? I have complained that the TV in my room was too small and I had to get on the end of the bed to see the guide. My little brother reminded me that this really is a first world problem. Are you facing a first world problem and throwing a world class fit? Check yourself and then say a prayer of thanks.

 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 King James Version (KJV)

ISO – a cheap chest to refinish…😂



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